Virtual Heaven


Don't hotlink!

I'm Antillion, I'm a 20 year old male from Argentina and my real life name is a mystery.

I have a deep interest in computers and technology, and while I've found my programming abilities to be lacking it's still one of the few things that cause me joy to do. I have an interest in virtual computers, specifically old Windows and Linux installations; Old software, videogame emulation and other hobbies like that. Other non-tech hobbies of me are worldbuilding, (fantasy) cartography, lineart, pixel art and a few more that I can't remember right now.

I'm an avid Linux user, although I still haven't been able to completely cut off my Windows usage (I require to dualboot around once a month to use Windows-only software). I'm currently using KDE Neon as my daily driver distro with no major complaints, but have used Debian and Arch Linux in the past.

This website functions as a repository of many things, mostly relating to my hobbies, for easy download in the future by me or anyone else with the same or similar interests as me.

And yes, I know liking SEL has been done to death thanks.