On Gnosticism

Contrary to what the design and style of this website might lead you to believe, Gnosticism is not a strange cult, a satanic sect, or any other negative "dark" things. Gnosticism is but a religion, a long "dead" religion but a religion nevertheless. As valid as any other on this earth.

It's a hard religion to describe, its esotericism and decentralized theology make it highly diverse, with a lot of different schools of theology and ideas. Ultimately, Gnosticism (Of the Christian variety) can be resumed as a dualistic religion believing that the God of the Old Testament (YHWH) is not the true good God, but a flawed evil god. The logic behind this is the fact that a truly perfect and good God would never allow the evil that is deeply engrained with physical existence to exist.

The physical God (The Demiurge, as they are called) is therefore not good and not true. Either out of ignorance , malice or ego they have created this flawed physical existence and trapped humanity within it.

A True Godhead does exist (The Monad), but they are a metaphysical essence, separate from our physical reality. We humans and life in general have been gifted with the spark of life, part of the essence of the True God which gives us the power of Gnosis.

Humans have the gift of Gnosis, the ability to achieve deep spiritual knowledge and see past the veil of the Demiurge. This gift has always been within us thanks to the spark of life but needs to be nurtured and helped to grow, and sometimes we cannot do this by ourselves alone.

This is why the Monad presented themselves to us through their prophets. Jesus, Mani, and many others. They, were messengers and prophets of the one True Godhead, either by virtue of being the very essence of them or by reaching Gnosis.

Beyond this (And even parts of this honestly), most else varies between Gnostic sects. Below you can see more content relating to Gnosticism curated by me. While I do partake in esotericism I still shy away from what I see as more extreme, so esoteric topics like hermeticism, alchemy, demonology, astrology, etc probably won't be covered.

Gnosticism is a highly personal religion, and ultimately its up to each of us as individuals to find our path to Gnosis. Still, sharing is caring.

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