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My name is ███████ ███████, I'm a 20 year old from Argentina (CABA) and known online as Antillion and my pronouns are He/Him or They/Them. Most of my interests generally revolve around computers and related technologies. They include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

I'm a native Spanish speaker and I consider myself pretty fluent in English, being able to maintain a conversation with native English speakers just fine, chat in English, watch videos in English, all that stuff.

I can code in HTML/CSS and JS (This site was made entirely from scratch by me). I also have some experience in Python, Lua, and C#. I'm pretty good at using Linux considering I use it daily as my main OS. I've used Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, and Arch in the past but ultimately I always come back to my baby Debian. I'd say I'm resourceful enough to search how to fix or do things I don't know how to do. I like to keep things simple but I'm not an extremist, sometimes it's worth it to sacrifice simplicity for ease of use or just not looking bad.

When it comes to other areas I have an interest in theology, dualism, and religion. I consider myself a Gnostic but I'm not necessarily actively religious or "evangelizing", it's just an interest of mine I'm not interested in shoving down others' throats. I have always had an interest in the occult and 'dark' from a purely aesthetic perspective. I'm not goth, or interested in deep esotericism or witchcraft beyond a surface interest in their style and presentation. Weird new age cults please don't message me.

More "minor" interests of mine are worldbuilding and messing around with old operating systems like Windows 9X or old Macintosh.

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