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Windows 95

.VDI File: Requires Virtualbox, unsure if it will work in Other Virtual Machine software like VMWare. Feel free to try. Readme with more information included inside VM. When unzipped the file should take around 2 gigs of space.

This is the result of me getting way too annoyed at Windows 95 for the last time. A .VDI file publicly available up and running and, as far as I know, capable of running most videogames from the era. I used a base .VDI file found here created by computerforumz_doctor (God bless their good soul) and proceeded to add new things to it, mostly utility stuff but there's also Doom95 and Office 96 because might as well.

Windows 95 Basics: Everything is already installed in the .VDI file above. Use this only if you decided to install Windows 95 yourself and need access to a number of useful things for getting everything running. Also available in .ISO form here. Readme file with more information included.

Included are:

Windows 98

Coming Soon

Windows 2000

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