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Think of this as a blog, except very short. Here I will post random thoughts I thought might be interesting for others to read or just random brain juice leakages I might have. I might also post site updates here if necessary who knows, this is just T H E W O R D Z O N E.


[16/08/2020] 7:30 PM GMT - I am still alive. Yes. I will continue updating the website with random fun stuff I like eventually. Stay hooked or something idk, whatever. I have to fix sooo many things.


[19/08/2020] 4:16 AM GMT - The website grows a bit stronger every day. Not much added for now, just a few fixes all around. Nothing else was added. Nothing was.

[13/08/2020] 2:09 AM GMT - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) is an absolute bop and 100% my jam and I will not let anyone say otherwise

[10/08/2020] 12:45 AM GMT - I've started to sit down and actually learn Javascript more "traditionally". My knowledge is there, it's just kind of all over the place because I haven't "ordered" it inside my brain. Paid 12 bucks for a course on Udemy as a starter, hopefully I wasn't ripped off and I learn something out of this.

[07/08/2020] 12:23 AM GMT - Finally, the Word Zone is in working order, the place where I just write things nobody cares about in a very short format. The website is almost finished at the time of writing and I had a bit of a pain as usual making the website work decently enough on mobile. Hopefully, the rest can be finished soon.

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